There comes a time in my trips when I have had enough, I am ready to go home - I have pushed myself to physical and emotional exhaustion and I just want to sleep in my own bed.  At that point, something quite counterintuitive happens and I get a second wind.  In North Dakota I reached that point recently and what followed were two sixteen hour days of driving separated by five hours of sleep at a rest stop.  Driving through western North Dakota and across Montana - both wonderfully beautiful - in such a madness is not a desirable event to live through, but with me it is almost predictable.


In Alliance, Nebraska a week or so earlier I found the perfect place to pay homage to this feeling that I get - the perfect place to honor this madness -- Carhenge.  Carhenge is the creation of James Reinders and may be the premier tourist site in Nebraska.  You never know what you are getting into when you visit such places, but I was driving by and decided to stop - not a great place, but a memorable one!  (Additional photographs from Carhenge.)

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